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June 27 2017

new discourse


what level do you keep your phone screen brightness at and why

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these are the facts




not-so-friendly reminder to unfollow me if:

  • u think autism is a disease or illness
  • u think autism needs to be “cured”
  • u support Autism Speaks or organizations like it
  • u “feel bad” for ppl with autism and their families
  • u think autistic children are a burden to their parents/guardians 
  • u don’t believe in getting children vaccinated because vaccines “cause autism”

allistic people reblogging this makes me happy

• You use autistic as an insult


life hack


whenever new kh3 info comes out I remember my reason to live


me, crouched down in front of my tomato plants, examining a pattern of insect bites on their lower leaves: i’m going to fucking kill whoever did this. i’m going to kill them for you. don’t worry, babies. I’m going to murder every single son of a bitch who ever got a mouthful of you. they’ll die screaming

my neighbor, who i did not realize was also outside, standing behind the fence: oh! okay. you’re talking to the plants. okay.

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kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳ day 2: favorite character

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sadistic flirting

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Yo real talk he was fire as hell.

Bisexual icon

What the gifs don’t convey is the soundtrack: the opening to Guns N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle.” Perf.

This movie was so fucking underrated. I blame the marketing. They tried to sell it as a face-off between Will Ferrell’s character and Brad Pitt’s, all because they didn’t want to spoil the twist: that Metro Man dies 10 minutes in. But it’s not that much of a twist, because the entire story is about what happens if the villain actually wins, and what makes a villain in the first place. I think it also got buried by Despicable Me, which came out at the same time, but this is infinitely superior.

Seriously, if you’ve never seen Megamind, go watch it right now. 

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i really…like drawing them…

June 26 2017

Reasons to play as a girl in persona 3


1. Shes cute
2. No kenji
3. All team members have social links
4. No kenji
5. It’s easier to max every link cause some are at night
6. No kenji
7. Naginatas are cooler than swords
8. No kenji
9. You can date akihiko

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scherzo di notte

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wishing they had met years earlier

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I doodled a vanitas last night !!!

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A Pricefield commission for Alex Folin!

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big mood

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according to the artbook, loki’s horns are based off of snail parasites (broodsacs). the design choice was to evoke a sense of “who is the real you” but…

broodsacs lead their host out into the open (that they would never otherwise go) so that the host is devoured by predators (and thus allowing the parasite to spread)

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