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March 26 2017


google: how to wait for someone to message first but let them know you’re waiting for them to message first without messaging first

March 25 2017


Not to be an old man but what happened to ship names that were just the characters’ names with a / or x between them? Like I shouldn’t need to solve some kind of Dungeon Riddle to know what characters are in the ship, you don’t need to say “I ship Candy In The Wind,” no one knows what that is, just say Charlie Bucket/Avatar Aang

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Gratuitous semi-striptease.

I feel way better after drawing this… all this hype was unbearable.



sometimes I see a boy and remember how gay I am

the only truly unifying post between wlw and mlm

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Light is just an average, that no one understands

Mom and Dad and Misa always giving him commands

Doom and gloom up in his room is broken up instantly

by his magic little book that grants his every wish, ‘cause it’s reality!

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here’s the full art of the yosuke drawn with yosuke brushes

[yosuke brush post here:]

March 24 2017

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reblog this and in the tags, write the band that comes to mind first when you think back to being 13 years old

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Drake & Josh references in Grandfathered (se1ep15)



Sometimes writing is like having an enormous lake in your head, and you want to get it out of your head and into a proper place for a lake so other people can come and go swimming and ride jet skis and stuff, except all you have to move the lake is a teaspoon. So you’re just sitting there frantically flinging water out of the lake with your teaspoon and telling people, “Guys, this lake is going to be so cool when it’s done,” but it will never be done. There is so much lake.

I didn’t really expect this to be relatable, but if you wanna reblog, go wild.

March 23 2017

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grahamscott is love

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Sora whining to Riku is the best thing ever

I admittedly don’t pay much attention to the mannerisms of characters, but I thought the hands-behind-head was Sora’s thing. Eeehh maybe little Sora started copying little Riku .




Wait goofy dies in kingdom hearts ? Goofy dies ? What the

He doesn’t die. He just gets knocked out.

Then I’ll kill him myself

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Victor Nikiforov -  coser小梦
Yuri Katsuki -  Nokey闵轩


I’m a hopeless bromantic, high five me in the rain, fistbump me gently as the sun sets.


I cAN’T BELIEVE i used to think I was a straight girl

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Its been three years and WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

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